Ellie Strand LLC

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Ellie Strand LLC is passionate about online retail marketing. Our relationship-based business model puts suppliers first to accelerate your marketplace growth. We are in eCommerce for the long term–just like you.

We are an online retail and agency combo–20 years in advertising and Public Relations and a member of the PRSA Counselors Academy. This experience gives us a Swiss Army knife approach to wholesale distribution and online retailing by having the tools to accomplish your sales goals in a tidy package. We partner with you to guide growth and employ advanced technology and strategies to boost sales.

ES LLC employs proprietary software algorithms to select best-selling SKUs from suppliers inventory files. We begin a new product on Amazon through MizEllie’s Mercantile storefront because it is the best platform to verify the sales potential of products. MEM logoThis combination of our software and Amazon’s resources gives us fast and effective feedback. When products pass our internal profitability tests, we may look at other sales platforms such as Facebook, WalMart online, eBay and Jet.

When ES LLC sells your product we actively protect brand integrity to ensure listings are compliant and the brand is accurately represented. We help eliminate MAP violations and help deal with negative reviews, too.

If you would like to discuss mutually profitable business dealings, please reach out to us using any of the contact points to your right.

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